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I beta tested this plugin before it was ready, one of the issues were that bullets would become frozen. That's fixed now, I can't wait to see what's next from you Rulja1234!

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Posted (edited)

New Update for the Pluging!



  • New Weapon Knife
  • Weapon Reach
  • Added Gamemodes
  • Classic Gamemode
  • Arms Race Gamemode
  • Added Kill streak
  • Added Kill Stat
  • Added Death Stat
  • Added /gunplus START
  • Added /gunplus END
  • Added 5 seconds of Invincibility


  • Default rank for /gunplus is now Guest
  • /help gunplus "Gun Modes" now have /
  • Made Sepctators Invisible
  • Default Weapon is now Pistol
Edited by Rulja1234

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Posted (edited)

New Update for the Pluging!


- Removed CTF code  
* Changed Classic to Team Deathmatch  
+ Adde new Classic Mode  
+ Adde new DeathmatchMode  
- Removed /gunplus red  
- Removed /gunplus blue  
- Removed /gunplus gray  
- Removed /gunplus spec  
+ Added /gp join  
+ Added /gunplus leave  
* Changed /gunplus [gun] to /gunplus gun [gun]  
* Changed /help gunplus  
+ Added Heart icon and color to hp  
* Changed createBullet fuction so it uses index of the gun in gunNames not name  
+ The whole level now gets the message that the gamemode has changed  
* Added 10 second invincibility at start of the game  
+ Added Ability so only Owner of level or admins can change spawn,gamemode,start and end  
+ When you join a level with Guns Plus it tells the current gamemode  
+ Fixed players no getting tped to their spawns when the game starts  
* Fixed Default gun kill messages having invalid colors  
+ Fixed reserting the player model  
+ Fixed ability to start a game with 1 player  
+ Fixed players chaning guns in Arms Race  
+ Fixed player disconecting problems  
+ Fixed player joing mid game  
+ Fix to the gamemode change not changing teams  
+ Fixed player adding Guns Plus to a level  
+ Fixed kill messages showing globaly  
+ Fixed /gp end not correctly ending the game

Edited by Rulja1234
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