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Why is this game so bland with it's updates?

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I rarely have seen a content update where it would add new blocks or new menus etc. Most of the time it's just basic bug fixes. Like yea it sticks to it's classic form but it makes the game feel empty and super dependent on servers, where most of the new blocks are stationed.

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That’s the point I’d assume, it’s meant to be a faithful remake of classic, and that’s still being developed since it isn’t completely faithful yet. Also note that the developer does this on the side as well. What else would you need in a classic remake that would keep the classic feel

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New blocks aren’t added because of the capability for any server to add arbitrary blocks making it pointless to add hardcoded blocks. 

The game is largely in its bug fix/technical improvement stage right now, there isn’t much content to add to the client since most of the work is supposed to be done by servers

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