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What sever hardware would you reccomend?

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currently building my own server for selfhosting and i would like to hear what other people would use in their systems

thank you!! 🙂

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im gonna make a python server an classycuby server

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parker was BANNED for this post by 123DontMessWitMe

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cope could you unban me from your city server?


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really anything can run a fresh out the box mcgalaxy server; an old pc or laptop will work fine. but I would suggest ethernet over wifi if you can.

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On 2/25/2023 at 6:56 AM, Howling_cubist said:

not sure if this is what you meant, but I would recommend using mcgalaxy.

The poster has explicitly mentioned server hardware, so this is not the approporiate response to this question. Here is a detailed response:


This is very specific to which server software you are using. I'm not very experienced with older classic Minecraft server softwares (or if you didn't even know you can host a ClassiCube server with them, now you do know!), for MCGalaxy you really just need at least 1/4 GB available of ram, and it doesn't really require much CPU. You could simply run this on Raspberry Pi, or other older laptops or desktops. The specs: You might need at least a few gigabytes of storage. However, this can all change. If you have more plugins, and if there are more players online, and that the plugins do register a over amount of events or such, then this will mean that you will need more RAM.

For storage, this will take a lot of space if there are a large number of maps and backups. But most importantly is based on the blockdb data, which is stored for block changes that can be outputted to /about. You might need to occasionally delete it to free up storage if you don't have enough, or if you are like me, you can just buy a cheap HDD off eBay and call it a day and keep running the server. 

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