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Cringy-est or most entitled forum post.

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This game has been arround for 10+ years, and each year, we go through our share of school kids and chromies. 

Ive had some pretty funny encounters with these types. They are wild and unpredictable.


So I wondered, whats got to be the most entitled forum post? Better yet, what one is the most cringe thing you've ever read?

For privacy reasons, just copy-paste the text into your post, and don't mention any names.






Disclaimer : i am in no way promoting or asking for bullying or harassment. Im looking for, "hey guys, remember when this guy did this?" thats it. no further commentary. If you know who made a post, dont attack them or bully them. I am NOT responsible for any bullying that results from this post.

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KarlMarx was BANNED for this post by 123DontMessWitMe

Ban Reason: Spamming 1 word replies will definitely get you banned - 1 day


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If I had 10 seconds to choose I would choose "Why did I get Banned From The Discord Kid"

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it's already in the hall of shame

Edit: I didn't notice you were talking about a different post

Edited by MESYETI
i am Very Dumb
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10 minutes ago, Doge_Factor said:

this one was PURE cringe. i need bleach

this one needs to be shamed. its awful

I read through all of it just now and I'm laughing my ass off!!!! It's the definition of embarrassing. We gotta get bleach for Andrews eyes.

Edited by Achs
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3 minutes ago, Doge_Factor said:

*slow clap*

clever, but i can one up ya.



That’s not a forum post, that’s a forum profile. So that means your argument is invalidated because the original topic was which forum posts were cringey 

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