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Spilling The truth

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Hello im hanpy...Some may know me as :Printed,Slimey,or Corspez,even Sav.

Im telling u this because i have lied to people in the past and i wish i acted more grown up before,

But now im posting this to say sorry to the people who i have lied too.

The truth is that for the past almost 2 years i been pretending to be a girl..

I was dumb back then,Im just here to say sorry for my mistakes..

Before i considered myself a girl: she/her

Thats why i pretended to be a girl for some time...

But seeing myself now i see my mistakes of the past

i have hurt peoples feelings for them thinking im a real girlĀ 

and not some boy that goes by: She/Her

So to the people that i hurt

Im Sorry,i truly am.

(To Admins I have past any guidelines of some sort)

Well that's all i have to say,because i might be playing classicube again for some time.

I have to focus on my studies and not game's.So this is not a goodbye.

Its a see you later...

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