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man this game has worst moderation then roblox

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PillagerTheXD was BANNED for this post by Goodly

Ban Reason: Permabanned - MythicOpAnthony evading a previous forum permaban

i got blacklisted and my alt got banned

can't you just warn instead of blacklist

video cancelled due to blacklist in free build server

title was suppose to be I like this game


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pretty much deserved imo, why would you spam trees in fb in the first place? 

also you said  that you'd just go on another alt since you're blacklisted, not even asking if you can get unblacklisted on your main.

reason for your ban is because you were going to use an alt to evade a blacklist

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I’m sorry but this isn’t the place to complain about other servers, thank you for your (unwanted) feedback

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