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You WILL listen to my favorite albums‼️ >:(

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hey guys i got a super deep cut for you guys today check this out

CapsAdmin - CapsAdmin

if youre also deep into the GMod community like i am, there's a chance you'll recognize the name CapsAdmin, but he's the guy who created the awesome PAC3 addon for Garry's Mod

this self-titled album is a compilation album of almost everything he's ever uploaded to his Soundcloud account, plus a few bonus tracks exclusive to this release

not really much to say about this album other than it sounds awesome and its crazy as shit, check it out please and thank yuo smiling winky face

https://open.spotify.com/album/2wH4wAdOHvFqPW61cl8oAt (yes i know this is a spotify link, i gave up on the boycott)

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