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Server Opening/ New Owner/help/staff needed

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New Server ECraft (M_beats server) Help needed Join the server or PM - Private Msg Me On here I will Read it and tell you what to do! 

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39 minutes ago, Gogofbi816172 said:

M_beat stop taking other peoples server and make your own, that is why no one trusts you. 

Maybe if everyone stopped giving them the attention they wanted then they would stop, you're fueling the fire by replying and telling them to quit it. Just simply *don't reply!* easy as that amiright? anyways I hope this trick helps you in the future when you face more attention seekers or trolls! Just like fire fuels a flame, any type of attention fuels the trolls desire to make more content :3

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Cant spell for my goddamn life

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xXFoxyXx was BANNED for this post by 123DontMessWitMe

Ban Reason: One-word posts WILL get you banned! - 4 hours


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Ecraft is already a server already made So stealing someone's server is Rude if you want a server just make one using one of the templates not other peoples server

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