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How do I make custom blocks in classicube.

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So I wanted to make new blocks for minecraft classic but I do not know how to mod classicube. Any help would be appreciated.

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Saving the map (via escape -> save level) also saves the custom blocks in the map

So rather than modding the game, it's usually simpler to run a locally hosted server, define custom blocks, then save and load the map in singleplayer (e.g. usingĀ MCGalaxyĀ and defining custom blocks usingĀ this guide)

If still want to mod the game then:
1) Download the game'sĀ source code
2) Modify Block.c and add the properties for new custom blocks there (good places to start from are Block_ResetProps / DefaultSet_XYZ functions)
3) Compile game's source code using instructions in readme

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Running it on macos is a hassle and I can't make myself superop on the server and terminal does nothing when I type in the command.

I got the GUI working on a Windows 10 vm. Thank you!

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On 11/23/2021 at 1:44 PM, UnknownShadow200 said:

Can you provide more details on what issues you are having running it on macOS?

Are you seeing any errors logged to Terminal on startup?

It was fixed but I had to use the terminal version. It doesn't really matter for what I am doing though.

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