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There Is a pedophile on my server

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ban this person, or mute them

if anyone acts like this, warn them, if they continue, ban/mute them

if anyone claims that is this person's alt, ban/mute it too

its the only thing i can do to help

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51 minutes ago, Fletchermed said:

Hello there is a pedophile on my server their name is MoDNatalie122 they were harassing females under the age of 18 on my server i have some screenshots of the chat log for proof. Since i cant upload all of the screenshots i will send a dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hjfnlcoo8w2pw98/AAB1O6ju-Ymj94gMNaSoxkBaa?dl=0 

I was there also @Unova_Shade and @Turtle84375 I was MiniAxolotl. And the person was just annoying 

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This person (usually known as "Pockie") is an old player and she was pretty much just trolling here. I also recommend a mute

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