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i'm trying to get myself banned from gogos server and he wont ban me but then he took it to far and took my name and made it look like I said stuff like, ¨I love you¨ to him but I didn't say that (also I wanted to get banned not like leave the server and never come back to it)

thanks @Turtle84375 for helping me out

I did get banned in the end :.D 


Screenshot 2021-11-11 6.30.11 PM.png

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24 minutes ago, lashednova said:

Why would you want to get yourself banner please tell us I dont get it

Now I honestly don't know it's not like I even go to that server.

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LOLXDKID123 was BANNED for this post by Goodly

Ban Reason: Flaming, calm down - 4 hours

i would try to get banned cuz gogo is a motherfucker cock sucking ass bitch

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