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Develop the game with Holy C instead

Good idea?  

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Holy C is a programming language based on C. It was made by Terry Davis in his mission to please God. This game would be a lot better if it was made in Holy C.


- Will piss off the deveolpers

- Will please God

- Will please me

- Playing in the browser will be impossible

- Will really piss of the developers



- lol


What do you think?

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35 minutes ago, UnknownShadow200 said:

Pay me one billion $AUD within the next 24 hours and I will make it happen

No troll posts on my thread please

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First things first, you have to write a compiler for HolyC that can compile to as many platforms as possible, a library to hold all unique HolyC functions, then you have to somehow get other libraries work in a program written in HolyC, and then you can rewrite ClassiCube in HolyC.

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