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We do a little bit of raging.

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So about a few weeks ago after I made my spooky month post I have created another map its probably the hardest one Ive ever dropped from double neos to head hiting two block jumps you must make it to the end to recive your prize (100 NA2 coins). Warning if you barely have any patience its probably best you dont play this map for a bit (Trust me like take a break if its too hard). Anyways good luck and have a good day. ❤️ (Alright small edit if you have beaten the map you have to send me proof to verify that the map was done legit dont just say "I did it" cause I wont believe you either I have to be there or you have to send valid proof for example: A screenshot or a description of what the end of the map looks like.) 

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On 11/5/2021 at 11:30 AM, Seriously said:

can i get a caprisun instead? 🙂

You could get it when you beat my map. ❤️

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