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Why was Survival Mode removed?

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Miguel2004 was BANNED for this post by Goodly

Ban Reason: Guidlines: 7. Don't ask for survival mode- immediate 1 week ban.

It's been a while since i wrote here, but yeah just asking, why was Survival mode removed? With mobs and stuff, inspired on the survival test? I still think after these years that it would be a very good addition for replayability, fun and just a nice addition, after all, it was kinda on the original Minecraft Classic to begin with.

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Actually the server had some glitch, goodly shut it down, then later he released the plugin for it. The only public survival server is epic legends so go play that.

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Clearing a few things up. Survival test was not "removed." It was never implemented to begin with, as ClassiCube is written from scratch and not a mod of the original java applet.

Cyan: Not Awesome Survival plugin isn't what Miguel is talking about here. They're talking about the inaccessible features that were within the original java 0.30 classic client code. And yes, that does mean that it really wasn't "on the original Minecraft Classic to begin with," since it wasn't usable at all.

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