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MCClassic Hosting 2.0 | Comprehensive Hosting Solution

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MCClassic Hosting 2.0 | Comprehensive Hosting Solution

Welcome to MCClassic Hosting 2.0, a revival of the original MCClassic Hosting!

How do I get a server?

  • Sign up to our Discord below and fill out the form in #our-services (after you’ve been verified!). We have a background checking system and can refuse server requests at our will. There are no forums and the only official form of communication for MCClassic Hosting issues is our Discord or email.

Discord link

Services we offer

  • MCGalaxy Server 
  • fCraft Server
  • Discord-IRC Relay
  • More soon...

Why choose us

  • 99% uptime
  • Free!
  • 5GB of Storage (larger servers can request more)
  • 5TB Transfer Speed
  • Hosted in New York

Current portfolio

  • Puissant Royale [Custom Minigames]
  • [Panda] Anarchy. /BanAll
  • New Blood IRC Bot

Server Owner Terms of Service

Don’t have Discord? Contact our support email:


Toby and Panda

This service was approved by 123DMWM.

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Good thinking on your part by Chromie-proofing this with requiring knowledge in Linux and ssh.

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