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  1. you can ask an andrew to deactivate your account and delete traces but deletion is not possible i am a programmer even if it is not indicated. cordially calo67 or Royalcalo
  2. Can you help me guys ?
  3. can you help me guys pls
  4. however I find some server on the list and when I connect it says: this server is private so it is possible while being on the private I wanted to know how to thank you in advance for your answers. Calo67 and hey queen.
  5. I always liked this kind of game Thank you to the creator and the admin who takes care of it thank you very much! sorry to the admin
  6. Hello Speaking of which I would like to know how to add commands to my private mcgalaxy server thanks in advance Calo67
  7. Hello I would like to know how to be able to put my server privately but at the same time in the server list to avoid cheating could you help me cordially Calo67
  8. to create a server you need an application like MCgalaxy you will find the answers normally to this question here in this link: https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/1358/1/#postanchor_2885 if that did not help you I am sorry. Calo67
  9. and you will talk to me about why I was banned?
  10. thank you for your answers i will try the orders and i will tell you news thank you very much!
  11. Hello I am sorry to disturb you on this subject but I have not found who to contact because I was banned I do not know why. Thank you for your reply. Calo67 😐
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