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  1. to create a server you need an application like MCgalaxy you will find the answers normally to this question here in this link: https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/1358/1/#postanchor_2885 if that did not help you I am sorry. Calo67
  2. and you will talk to me about why I was banned?
  3. thank you for your answers i will try the orders and i will tell you news thank you very much!
  4. Thank you for correcting me on my message. I wish you all a good game.
  5. Hello, Yes I confirm the multiplayer mode has been deleted and in addition it has big slowdown it would be nice if we could still download it.
  6. Hello I am sorry to disturb you on this subject but I have not found who to contact because I was banned I do not know why. Thank you for your reply. Calo67 😐
  7. Hello the programmer and all of Classicube on the lava survival server several people manage to build a wall in 2 seconds and they tell me that you have to use ranks could I have an answer
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