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  1. my sister in christ i didnt read about it, why are you a hater
  2. Flamore


    Try clearing your cookies. or actually download the client.
  3. Flamore


    OMG, They Are Literally Cube
  4. Still impressed you managed to create a clsssicube account with that superior genius of yours
  5. Flamore


    2023.03.15 you will stub your toe
  6. All active users, not active once a year
  7. neither, i don't like either.
  8. Survival was only partially implemented, and the option wasn't present in the client since it's been ported to C. The option wasn't in the menu for the reason of it just being an experiment. TL;DR No, you can't play survival and you can stop asking about it.
  9. Ma! I'm on forums!!!
  10. Why a chromebook? Are you a 9 year old not paying attention to classes just to play an outdated block game?
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