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    im scared of having viruses please can you guys help me if theres a way?
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    Update POCKET SAND! Yeah thats right the definitive and hopefully final version for this texture pack now, just; Tweaked the sand block so it matches with the Faithful Programmer Art clay texture that mimics the recolour of the pre-b1.9 sand texture, mouthful huh? here it is for a quick comparison, I got coincidentally accused of just tiling the block by two entirely seperate different people, is that crazy? I spent two whole days making this single texture, I hate people so much. Yeah I know this is unecessary to mention about one single texture being changed since I promised that It would be the last update for a while methinks, I'm wanting to just carve out afew improvements and fixes to this pack as I can, and I can agree it's annoying and sad, I shall get going though as there's not much to say really. - Z
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    Apparently, someone was building a bone in a world that looks like hell, because you know, hell has bones and stuff But they probably got disconnected in the proccess and couldnt finish it, it was missing the upper part and looked like an upside-down Y 🙂
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    I no longer wish to maintain or develop NAS so I privated it to avoid more people using it.
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    no it's Not Awesome 2 [Realms and More]
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    I don't really think its NA2. Plus, the rules are the same from the 2d2t shit anarchy sever. And the texture pack.
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    where can i find the code for not awesome survival
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    as the owner of 2d2t its NA2 for sure
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