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    just get classicube on your phone and put it into a google cardboard
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    not a single person cares about your ban
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    >RedPCat Hold up, are you ban-evading? Not cool.
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    Because you said that you made this, and also you're the only one who has brought him up after the drama.
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    AS a joke I said that it was me lol. And any other proof? And I didn't want this post to be WITH CONTEXT of pccats crap. I just thought the song was shit and put it here because it's comedy.
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    Damage control mode activated! Seriously? Why are you not posting other shit songs for comedy instead? If you weren't redpcat then you wouldn't be "laughing" out of your own crap, and instead be shitting on other people's work!
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    No, your acting is hilarious and I can't wait to see more about how you're denying that you're not redpcat because I keep talking about that. You cannot prove me wrong that you're not redpcat.
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    Lmao. I don't even use Twitter due to Melon Husk's Genius! moves, you're fucking hilarious... What's next? Calling me something that I'm not?
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    Show your whole YouTube page, then I will be able to decide for myself.
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    Back here again! I went back to high school cuz I just wanted to if u dont care idk
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