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    If you want to have a job, what would it be? For me, a computer technician. I would like to learn about computers since my bro and my parents are asking to me how to do a thing on it.
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    Be a music man and play in a music band and tour all over the music land in our music van.
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    Hi everybody! Myself and Turtle created a NEW minigame, called CastleWars! In short it is a combination of CTF, PVP, and PARKOUR. It REALLY fun, and I suggest you try it out! (Turtle and myself spent 2 hours straight playing the game, lol) Anyways to get started on this game go to the DeadNova server and type /castlewars to join! Cya in the game BYE Server - DeadNova Network
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    Engineering or a 3d artist, they look pretty intresting.
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    And I helped a little as well!
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