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    We will be working with the assumption that your map is named mylevel. If it's not, replace occurances of "mylevel" with your map's name when following this tutorial. You must have server file access to both servers to accomplish this. In order to fully move mylevel to another server you will need: For blocks and zones, mylevel.lvl file in `levels` For blockdefs (custom blocks), if the level only uses local blocks and does not use any globally defined blocks: lvl_mylevel.json in `blockdefs` if the level only uses global blocks: Clone global.json from `blockdefs` and rename it to lvl_mylevel.json before cloning the file to the other server if the level uses both global and local blocks: use ClassiCube to save the level as temp.cw, import it into a server (/help import), then grab lvl_temp.json and rename it to lvl_mylevel.json before cloning that file to the other server this servers the purpose of combining local and global blocks into one blockdef file For blockprops (slab stacking and etc), _mylevel.txt in `blockprops` For message blocks, 1. Extract the messages from the server database with /server backup table Messagesmylevel 2. Messagesmylevel.sql will now be in the root folder of your server. Bring this file to the root folder in the other server. 3. In the other server, use /server import Messagesmylevel For Portals, Repeat the steps for message blocks, but instead of "Messagesmylevel" use "Portalsmylevel" For bots, extra/bots/mylevel.json For all the remaining level properties (env, settings from /map, etc), mylevel.properties in `levels/level properties`
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    Portals are also annoyingly stored in the server database...
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    OR, you could press "esc" on your keyboard, then go to "Save level", Enter a name, then save it to your "maps" folder. Once this is done go to the website "put.nu" upload it, On the other server do /import (link). This may take a long time to get done, because you aer doing them one at a time. But If I can do it, so can you!
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