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    I think we can all say that mods help us everyday and they don't get enough appreciation, so i'm here to say thank you to all of our mods! First up 123DontMessWitme: I thank you for helping CC a better place and banning people who are being annoying or rude. Thank you! Second up AndrewPH: Thank you for helping CC be clean and not full of cromies. And also, pay you employees. Thank you! Third up UnknownShadow200: Thank you so much for coding things for CC and making everything happen. Thank you! Fourth up Goodly: Thank you for cleaning up CC and making sure no one is breaking the rules. Thank you! Fifth up Panda: Thank you for moderating CC and putting the ban hammer on people who are being stupid. Thank you! We need to give our mods more appreciation then just saying thank you! We ALL need to say thank you! Thanks -Scout
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    I can't find it. D:
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    wait fuck thats not me
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    Don't forget to thank NordVPN for sponsoring this video.
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    Your IP is Hide while you still can
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    you may know their general city but you dont know their address, nice try bucko ❤️
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    It's not me, I unshorten your link 😕
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    Whose? Because none of these IPs look like mine.
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    Who are you then if not an idiot? Hating people for no reason is not good btw.
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    I don't like you, so does that mean I should ask the staff to ban you?
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    That isn't how it works... if you built something, would you be offended if someone broke it down because they didn't like it? Your justification is flawed, then again anyone with an IQ below 60 probably thinks that way too
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    Why do you even want to grief someone's building? Also ClassiCube forum is not the place to complain about "bad" moderation on non-featured server.
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    doing /skin might help. It updates you skin.
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    frrrrrr veecheejackie spitting fax that azbacho mf biggest loser alive
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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't because ive been looking around the settings and info and cant find any evidence of there being one.
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    Nice! but their is a problem, no one asked
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    Instructions unclear, Putin is now nuclear.
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    You are one, tbh. Your past post looks like your typing like a kid... Looks like your 10.....
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    andrew ph does not exist he is a hologram ~ from lukeacat (cutest CC bot) ~ to Mesyeti. @MESYETI
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    i grief the building beacuse i don't like it
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    got called dumb beacuse of hating pride? no thank you quitting this stupid game
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    [redacted] i don't like pride got reacted dumb beacuse of hating pride on their opnion Dumbcube i know someone here is malaysian there come the poland and uk people here too
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    last goodbye before banned i know your location
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