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    Finally I don't have to search for the executable and all of my games are on steam!
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    50/50 on deadkiller being 9
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    its fixed now Congrats to all the winners! hope to see you in the next event!
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    Try clearing your cache. I am on chromebook and it runs just fine after I clear my Cache.
  5. -1 points
    yes but how do i clear my cache on a chromebook and for one im 13 not 9
  6. -1 points
    I tested my father's work laptop and it gets 23fps on classicube compared to my 4000fps on my main pc, classicube should have a feature that would make the graphics low end enough for the game to reach at least 70fps on that laptop
  7. -2 points
    Wow, cool and nice. Goodly is now richer. You helped his patriarchy grow even bigger.
  8. -3 points
    - gold blocks - texture packs added - fony shata added - khrab added - yockman/man yock hope you enjoyed subscribe to fony shata fony shata lol lmfooo
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