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    Port forward your server. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+port+forward&rlz=1C1ONGR_enPH974PH974&oq=how+to+port&aqs=chrome.2.0i512j69i57j0i512l8.7040j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 piece of cake. Y0U could see it easily......
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    I can cook rice and egg by myself. And one time I cooked hotdogs. What's yours?
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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't because ive been looking around the settings and info and cant find any evidence of there being one.
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    What are the specs? Also, wrong category.
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    If we sign this, then what will you do with it? And you posted on the WRONG forum, classicube central is General discussion about ClassiCube. Put it on somewhere else.
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    Sometimes, this forum makes my tired ass have a stroke with some of the shit i see this is a good thing
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    Ehem, N o
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    I can cook bacon and eggs, spaghetti, ramen and cooked ham, albeit it takes longer to cook spaghetti and ramen and you have to stir both of them occasionally, but that's just the jist of it.
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    Also, this is a useless topic. Herobrine doesn't exsist in cc. And it looks like ur playing multiplayer or just photoshop it, correct me if im wrong. Stop posting like this useless thread that came from nowhere.
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    its fixed now Congrats to all the winners! hope to see you in the next event!
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    Ok I am very confused in classicubes zombie survival i had got turned into a zombo and i used a revive but it did not say that i was alive which was confusing because i used a revive but it said i was a zombie still how do I fix this? Anyone who can help please let me know!
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    How do I connect discord to a lemehost server?
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    Thank you everyone who precipitated in the DeadNova Network Parkour Making Contest and helped make this possible! Now, onto the winners! 1st: Larin! Excellent map with many jumps and places to go. Really great map and would 100% recommend to people who would like to get better at parkour! 9/10! 2nd: MESYETI! Great map with pools of lava and many great jumps. Only problem is that it is unfinished but besides that great map! 8/10! 3rd: JaviPlayz! Great map and my fav out of all off them, but the other ones were more appeling to me. Great map for doing parkour! 7/10! 4th: Rainb0wSkeppy! Great map that is very annoying becasue there is blocks above and hard to see where to go. Took me awile to figure out. LOL! 6/10 5th: PopU! Great map with long stone brich bridge at the begining. Dropper at the end that's preety difficult to land. 5/10! The rest are really hard to put into places because they had little effort of little to nothing inside the map. Prizes consist of: 1st: Rank up, map featured in autual server, and 100,00 coins! 2nd: Rank up and 90,000 coins 3rd: u chose (he admin above me, he has everythiong that i have!) 4th: Rank up and 60,000 coins. 5th: Rank up and 50,000 coins. Everyone else gets 1,000 coins. Thank you everyone and ill so you guys/girls another day. -Friendlyscout1
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    uwu xd lmao sussy baka uwu
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    I've already emailed some governors about it, and I've talked to some of them, and they say we need at least a few hundred in order to consider it.
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    download more ram and graphic card
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    I was playing ClassiCube on Singleplayer, and started building a cobblestone hut on fire. Once I finished building, I saw a mysterious figure that looked like the ever-so-famous Minecraft legend Herobrine, but with a silly face. Luckily enough, I was able to take a screenshot. Look at the figure on the right! I think it's called Berohrine. When I started going for it, the figure disappeared, then I started placing saplings, and then stumbled upon a crown-like shape made from sponges. Suddenly, a purple liquid spurted out of the disk drive of my computer, and then I thought "Since when did my computer have the ability to eject liquids like that?" But then, I continued playing. I went to a rose patch, but when I took a closer look, there was another "Berohrine" entity coming for me, so I decided to fly away from it. And so then, I generated a new world, with the Large option. About that other "Berohrine" entity, it looked like it had been foaming out purple liquid, as if it had lean-rabies, and it had a purple cut on it's torso. The eyes also seemed bigger, and a wider grin for the smile.
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    Its been 5 whole months since I made a thread on here relating to music and I NEED TO TALK ABOUT MUSIC AGAIN or else everyone on the forum will explode into a million pieces. Lately, I've been listening to nothing but Sunny Day Real Estate. SDRE is a 90s alternative/ VERY early emo band from Seattle, Washington and yadda yadda Sub Pop yadda yadda Foo Fighters yadda yadda /mu/core yadda yadda yadda I DON'T FEEL LIKE EXPLAINING IT ‼️‼️‼️ so listen to my favorite album from them NOW or I'm calling the police. https://sunnydayrealestate.bandcamp.com/album/diary-2009-edition making this a weekly event because fuck you i do what i want 🗿🗿🗿
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    hey guys so i just tried a lot to make my classicube server to make it public but it doesn't work how do i fix this? (btw im using mcgalaxy)
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