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    Hello, I have been playing on NA2 when I used /hax. It said ABUSE DETECTED, and the traced my IP. IT also said FBI are on their way. I am so scared right now. IS this real? Hope not... mikeymike_13 SOS!
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    Hey duders, this is my first post on the forum, and I'm attaching a random screenshot of anime me!
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    this is actually a lie this person is working for the government seek refuge in canada asap EDIT: make sure to bring some snacks in case you get hungry
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    Yes you need to hide from the government 1. Burn your house down this is all a joke dont follow these steps just hide 2. Go to a different continent 3. Go to the hospital unplug someones life support and take there i dentity 4. shut down all of your credit cards 5. take all of your money out of the bank 6. hide in someone's house make sure your not on the same continent this is a joke dont do anything i said here
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    Yes Its Real You Should Hide From The Fbi
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    how do u even make the clasiscube logo do that?
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