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    lmfao do your parents not give you enough attention at home? you talk professional but you act like your 8 years old you got banned for impersonating staff and your still impersonating staff lol.
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    I believe people can reform. I have spent a few days reflecting on my actions and deeply regret them, which is why I made this thread. I am a normal person and can be trusted to create and reply to threads without supervision from the staff. This is not the case and you should not have assumed it is. Normally, I would dismiss a reply like this from any regular player, but it especially irritates me that a staff member is creating troll posts on such a serious topic. No troll posts on my thread please. I understand your frustration. It will please you to know that the staff impersonator you are referencing has been detained by the staff and is currently under questioning. A trial is soon to come.
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    Very strange looking opossum. Cool picture though. On an unrelated note, why is everyone so upset?
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    Hello all, Recently I came across a staff impersonation attempt on the forums (thread link here). The thread creator pretended to be a staff member announcing the release of survival mode to ClassiCube. As you can see, he was banned further down the thread for impersonation. A few reminders to stay safe: NEVER SHARE PERSONAL INFO WITH STRANGERS!!! Staff will NEVER ask for your personal info, not even your password! Assume that any staff member who does ask for personal information has been hacked or is being impersonated. Staff only have RED names on the forums. Survival mode is NEVER going to be released (view the guidelines). Report any suspicious behavior to the staff. We cannot let imposters damage our community. Please be careful out there. - Curtis
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