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    Happy Birthday!
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    It was my birthday yesterday 08/11 I had fun for the most part i got cash so no biggey lol well thanks for another year of life peace an i love yall Your friendly neighborhood noob Tetrisplayer2
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    he was actually really toxic not going to lie, but he probably had to give his chromebook back to his school for the summer, like half of the children playerbase had to at the end of the school year
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    Im going to quitting CC. Not for the typical "CC is a toxic community" reasons. Not that all! Mainly for religious reasons not with in the community but personally. I need some growth with in myself, and Im goin to need sometime for myself. Ive played this game for a long-ish time now (going to be three years) and gained some confidence from it. Im truly thankful for the ppl that help me and guided me to be the person I am now. I wish I didn't have to leave, but for my religion sake Im going to need to.I will be playing here and there but ultimately I wont play as often. Ive had my fun but now I gtg. Bye Bye people, I rlly hope you all have a good day. ❤️ To be fair I dont think anyone cares 😄''
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    I will miss u, ur were the most best friend i ever had 🙂 bye bye lil shawty Your friendly neighborhood noob and always will be freind Tetrisplayer2
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    well, I don't seem to tell anyone how to. it just seems like everyone has a custom skin. (to me of course)
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