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    You can't run servers without downloading them. You should DOWNLOAD them.
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    Smiley Cult. Of course, there would be no cult activity. Just ignore the blood vials and we'll be fine!
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    This is no joke. It's legit h*ntai
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    thanks you all soooooo much!!!
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    If you are only planning on using IRC to connect your ClassiCube server to Discord and you are running MCGalaxy, you're better off just using its inbuilt Discord relay bot. More info can be found here. This tutorial is still valid, however, and you can still use IRC if you wish. Hello! In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to set up a bridge between a ClassiCube server, IRC, Discord and back. Prerequisites: A server running software which supports IRC (MCGalaxy is the most common one) A computer which has a terminal prompt and supports Node.js/npm (this is unlikely, but possible to work on chromebooks) A Discord account (so you can create the bot) A brain 1. Set up IRC on your ClassiCube server On MCGalaxy, this is somewhere in properties/server.properties. Just enable IRC, keep the server and port as they are, don't put anything in OP channel and put whatever you want for channel. (Make sure that it starts with # though). I'll use #example for this tutorial. 2. Install npm (what is npm?) On Linux, you can use your package manager of choice to install npm. Examples: Ubuntu (and other Debian-based distros) sudo apt install npm Arch: sudo pacman -S npm Note: you may need to additionally install Node.js as well, haven't tried it myself. On Windows and macOS, you will have to download and install it from Node.js's download page. It is recommended that you use the LTS version, but "Current" works as well. 3. Create a configuration file for discord-irc Go to a new directory which you'll use for your bot and create a new .json file. Here is what you'll put in it (explanations for the numbers will be given below): { "nickname": "1", "server": "2", "discordToken": "3", "channelMapping": { "4": "5" } } 1 - Replace this with the nickname of the bot. This will be seen in-game and from the IRC channel. It is recommended that you just set this to "Discord". 2 - Replace this with the IRC server you're using. MCGalaxy uses "irc.esper.net" by default. 3 - Replace this with your Discord bot's token (NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE!). More instructions in step 4. 4 - Replace this with the Discord channel's ID. Essentially, all messages will be sent in that channel. To get a channel's ID, right-click it and click "Copy ID". If you don't see this, enable Developer Mode from the Advanced section of the Discord settings. 5 - Replace this with the IRC channel's name. If you set your MCGalaxy server's IRC channel to #example, put #example there. Note: you can expand this file with more options if you want. This is just the very minimal version. 4. Create a new Discord bot and get its token Creating a Discord bot is easy, you just have to go to My Applications on the Discord Developer Portal, create a new application, then create a bot for it. Once that is done, click the button to copy the token and insert it into the json file you made above. Once again, do NOT share your token with anyone, ever. 5. Install discord-irc and run the bot Open a terminal prompt (cmd.exe or powershell works on Windows) and cd to the directory in which the .json file is located, then install discord-irc using npm by writing this: npm i -g discord-irc and pressing Enter/Return. After this, wait until it's installed. If it doesn't let you install it, try putting sudo before npm. (so sudo npm i -g discord-irc). This will give you root permissions and works only on Linux, you will also need to input your user password. Once discord-irc is installed, make sure that you are in the .json file's directory and run this from the terminal: discord-irc --config <name>.json The bot should be running and should be relaying messages to/from the IRC, which by itself is connected to the ClassiCube server. To stop the bot, press Ctrl+C. You can also run discord-irc from different directories, just use --config /path/to/<name>.json as the arguments. That's it! If you have any questions, extra tips or have anything to say about this, please let me know. Have a nice day and I hope this helps you! ~Alex
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    Hello there! I'm hee_man and to celebrate my coming to classicube by making a classicube animation film! unfortunately I do not have any skins for it. That's where you come in! 'bout 4-5 weeks time i will create a server for people to enter their skins in! ( no 18+ skins, its going on YouTube too, ) and It's a classic log cabin animation so enter skins of that era ( doesn't have to be human head/skin tone ) and if you want to enter 2 skins contact me via Forums or the server when it's up ( we need 50 skins ) Thanks!
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    just clear your cach and cookies.
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    What's the server called and how late / what timezone can we expect it?
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    Note, discord-irc requires Node.js 12 or newer. If your distribution or operating system does not support or ship with Node.js 12+ you have to install it from the Node.js official repos.
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    I begin my daily rituals of Smiley chants while wearing a clown wig and nose and circling around on a unicycle. Most of the time I fall down and set myself on fire, but one time I witnessed the codes of the mythical ClassiCube Survival Test speaking to me on world domination. Even though the doctors say I was hallucinating they have no idea what they're dealing with and should not tell me what is and what is not real.
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    I enable my hotspot and go back to what I was doing before
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    Mine would be "Very Awesome 1 [Realms and More!]"
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    here is a preview https://rb.gy/enaq3a releasing in the us on june 18th australia june 27th everywhere else august 12th available on crunchyroll and netflix not available on crunchyroll in the EU due to the gdpr
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    Oh thats super hot
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    Oh well dont make a big deal over it btw this is a waist of time does anyone care about that and besides u can just make a new one
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    lmao hes talking about liike account raise lmao 🙂
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    well your router will be broken you maniac !!
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    Is this some type of joke or....?
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