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    Hello there! I'm hee_man and to celebrate my coming to classicube by making a classicube animation film! unfortunately I do not have any skins for it. That's where you come in! 'bout 4-5 weeks time i will create a server for people to enter their skins in! ( no 18+ skins, its going on YouTube too, ) and It's a classic log cabin animation so enter skins of that era ( doesn't have to be human head/skin tone ) and if you want to enter 2 skins contact me via Forums or the server when it's up ( we need 50 skins ) Thanks!
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    Murder the CenturyLink CEO because it's probably the fifth time today.
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    I would probably die right there and then
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    Servers you play on can choose to ban just your account, or just your ip, or both. ClassiCube itself can also do this if you break the terms of service or do something illegal.
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    Zoey's Faithful 32x is a custom texture Pack that enhances the Default Texture pack to the upscaled resolution of 32x (well I could only work with 32x not 64x), and I've made my best to make every faithful texture accurate to the default CC Textures/Classic textures including the Crate, Brick, Magma and Etc. The zip file will be needed to be extracted, after either being extracted or pulled from the zip file, there will be two zip folders which will be listed, one is Normal, and the other is Alternate. Normal is the default and more accurate to the default classicube pack, Alternate is a alternative version based on Minecraft's classic version 0.0.23a_01 or Classic.minecraft.net, replacing the Metal blocks, greyscale wools and gold ore with the ones from said version/website and upscaled. (Theres a old terrain.png file I left inside unused in the Normal's zip file which is pretty much default 16x with the Alternate textures you could use if you wanted to lol, also the iron block here is fanmade and wasn't implemented in mc's history until when the gold block's textures were changed, since then the iron here was made to match and go along with the gold texture here.) Examples of the many textures: Examples of the alternate textures: Theres also a another version of this texture pack called Mo' Blocks Version/"Server Friendly" Version which is for servers, it has more block textures and it is allowed for to be modified to the server's needs (Normal can be too), However it cannot be released outside servers and/or credit as their own. Examples of the many textures: Downloads: Normal Version: (NOTE: MAKE SURE TO EXTRACT ZIP AFTER DOWNLOAD) https://dl.dropbox.com/s/tmx7ydfxlr9b1g2/(EXRTB4UZ)Zoey'sFaithful32x.zip Mo' Blocks Version/"Server Friendly" Version; https://dl.dropbox.com/s/bjkrk3ennhtjkb7/ZF32xS-FVer.zip Alternate Links: Quick downloads for Normal + Alternate versions (Recommended for Map makers): https://newbloodcommunity.boards.net/thread/1010/zoeys-faithful-texture-pack-classicube Notes: You're allowed to use this texture pack for Servers, Maps for minigames, and Making 32x texture packs with these as long as you credit me, also you don't have to ask me btw don't forget ❤️ If theres any bugs or fixes I should sort out and iron out, feel free to dm me! - Z ❤️
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    This is a nice texture pack, and i do enjoy it, but theres 3 missing pixels on the portal animation in animations.png, which is strange.. (I was using the "server-friendly" pack, by the way.) Here's the proof: i was confused at why there were 3 missing pixels and when i saw it for the first time, it sort-of triggered my OCD, but in my mind, if you have the time, would you fix this? Thanks.
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    yes, if you want. but that name is only on that server. just type /nick (player name) (nick) to change your nickname (in a server). It doesn't change the name for ALL servers, just in one server.
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    How would you get banned on classicube? Does it ban their IP or account?
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    How are data protection laws in the EU preventing release of some stupid thing I don't care about.
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    I enable my hotspot and go back to what I was doing before
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    Welcome To Classicube hee_man Glad You Can Join.
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    Doge Minecraft wants you now
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    Aged like milk, Good at first then being banned.
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    well ill be damn, it was love at first sight
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    Hi guys! It's me again... Anyways I have a quick suggestion that I don't know if it's possible. You see, I want to make a server, but my computer doesn't support it. Is there somehow you can just have a button at the top of the page that says "Create Server" or something like that? I don't know if you can make that happen, but it's just a suggestion...
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    Ty ik its rl good
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    OK OK OK i am not joking I MADE FOOTBALL IN CC go to NA2 and /g rulja1234+3 TO play just midle click the ball named footballballb (BDW if you want to make the stadium batter just ask me to perbuild you)
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    Sorry if I'm late, and you may have already been answered by now, but I had this problem at one point too. You need to unzip the Server files out of the .zip file and move them into a separate folder.
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    wasnt it Xx_Sarah_xX or smtn??
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    What is a private server? Singleplayer? You can't use commands to change your skin in singleplayer. Change it on classicube.net by clicking your name when logged in
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    I cry in a corner till it starts up again ❤️
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    This would never happen because it would cause chromebook kids to make pointless and not played servers, but if u really want to make a server for yourself then you can use MCGalaxy on a windows 10 or Windows 8+ And I do not recommend getting a new chromebook, because chrome os sucks ass firstly second Windows laptops can be the same price as a new chromebook but with 1000% more capabilitys and things u can do. +ClassiCube Downloadable client can be ran instead of webclient
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    My life will go to a complete stop. I would shake and shudder. My life will no longer have meaning.
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    lmao but i mean its whatever ig
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    There is this sarah girl i met in zs and we became friends but i cant figure out her cc name other than the sarah part 😞 and i wanna talk to her someone please help me ❤️
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    lmao hes talking about liike account raise lmao 🙂
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