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    I just play something else till the wifi comes back on or I just read or draw something that doesnt make me bored.
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    My life will go to a complete stop. I would shake and shudder. My life will no longer have meaning.
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    I enable my hotspot and go back to what I was doing before
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    yeah it's to stop idiots from making tons of useless alts. it generally works.
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    I just throw my router at the wall and if that doesnt fix the issue just throw it off a roof into water then plug it back n for 15 seconds and should work.
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    Waiting till the Internet goes back That's the only thing I can do
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    I made a block that looked like a slime. By modifying terrain.png. I created the block "slime" on my server and this was the result. Then, I used /model so I could turn into the block "slime" Then I discovered a plugin that spawned mobs I modified the plugin and it spawned slimes as a hostile mob And it worked!!! This works with any block/custom block When I was taking screenshots, the slime killed me
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    Have you ever wanted to make your own wacky skin, but aren't a skilled pixel artist? Have you ever wanted to combine the helmet layer of one skin with the rest of another skin? Have you ever just wanted to randomly combine a bunch of skin layers together to make your own abomination entirely? Well, yearn no more. With ClassiCube SkinSwatch you can easily create a new skin out of dozens of premade skins. Once you're done customizing your skin, hit the ClassiCube logo in the top right of the editor to set your ClassiCube skin, or hit the floppy disk icon to save the skin locally. You can still upload skins to the website the old-fashioned way, by navigating to the account panel and uploading a skin file. If you want me to add more base skins to the editor, or are having problems using the editor, post a comment on this thread. Enjoy!
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    have shame on you you should cease all life functions
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    Hello everyone i just want to tell u a funny story, today i met this guy and his nick was blitz at first i did not know who he was then a minute later i did "/WhoNick Blitz" and it said that it was CounterTerrorist and i just started talkin to him he said the he has loss of memory and i asked him how old he was he said "11" i told him u dont have a loss of memory he said "yes" i said "no" then i finally said Counter why are u liying and he said "Fuck they have found me out" he left the game xd. well ill see u guys around bye bye.
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    wow this is incredible I've never seen anything quite like it 😩
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    Fortnite is my least favorite game. 0/10 don’t recommend
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    Can i report a server because they called me a bitch ass nigga and im not bout to put up with that bs?
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    hi bro i seen u nice in cool i was wdrig u if u whant to lay a match down bro
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    Roblox used to be good but now it sucks
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    i will go on my hoverboard and spin intill i pass out then wake up when the internet come up or i will go on my friends wifi LIFE HACK HEHEH
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    For me, i would sit there and do nothing until it comes back up. What do you do if that happens?
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    There is this sarah girl i met in zs and we became friends but i cant figure out her cc name other than the sarah part 😞 and i wanna talk to her someone please help me ❤️
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    here is a preview https://rb.gy/enaq3a releasing in the us on june 18th australia june 27th everywhere else august 12th available on crunchyroll and netflix not available on crunchyroll in the EU due to the gdpr
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