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    Never share your password, especially not in the title of a public forum post.
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    You should go into your email, verify your account (by opening the email from classicube.net and clicking the "Verify" button) then click on the "Play" button on the website. Also, NEVER share your password online.
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    Aleks just gave it to you: https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels
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    here ya go https://blockbench.net/ also here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7ISUImhgpc
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    That's not an excuse to misuse the forums.
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    Y'all need to learn what private messages are. You can literally private message anyone on the ClassiCube forums just by clicking into their profile and clicking "Message"... Why publicly embarrass yourself when you can just... act like a normal CC user πŸ™‚
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    You can't apply to become a moderator on ClassiCube (mostly forums), you have to be approached by the admins, but they don't seem to have plans to accept new moderators. If you want to apply to be staff on a server, ask whoever runs it.
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    Hello. I have a question. How can I add a custom model? Please help. Thank you.
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    Thank you!! But website do I go?
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    On servers with custom model support, /help cm should show you the basic commands on how to add and edit a custom model. If you want to add custom model support on your own server, this might help you - https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels
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    I would call it Thicc & Creamy Sever > JK JK JK I would actually call it Tempthia [Awaking Cult]
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    I would probably try and be the best president I could possibly be!
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    Hello everyone i just want to tell u a funny story, today i met this guy and his nick was blitz at first i did not know who he was then a minute later i did "/WhoNick Blitz" and it said that it was CounterTerrorist and i just started talkin to him he said the he has loss of memory and i asked him how old he was he said "11" i told him u dont have a loss of memory he said "yes" i said "no" then i finally said Counter why are u liying and he said "Fuck they have found me out" he left the game xd. well ill see u guys around bye bye.
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    Stop, before i send you back to the seventh circle of hell, you spawn of satan!
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    very funny story 😩
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    Happy Anniversary nbzs!!! This server is so cool!
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    That model looks hot
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    aww thxs πŸ™‚ you too πŸ™‚
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    Here's some of my screenshots as well:https://imgur.com/a/MHR4MEe https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7395jjftc87znoz/AAApwavPQGoTONLF58Sc0z4-a
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    You know even now, I'm still in love with the new avatars, I mean I still can't decide on whether to go with the custom profile pic (only for glod menbiegang) or stay with the new avatar render. Love it!
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    hihi hee_man welcome to classicube!! ^^
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    petition to replace the classicube logo in the top left corner of the website to a gif of this
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    its funny but scary
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    I agree 654 but they should also make an outline of what they are going to build like then add the edges and build off of that like this simple house
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    true it started getting bad after the updates. damn those updates
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    Fortnite is my least favorite game. 0/10 don’t recommend
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    "By the holy gods, what accursed sin did you bring into this holy lands of Classicube!"
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    This is GREAT! The old face renderer is now ancient. I mean, the old one is just like filling your screen with your face, and now, it's GREAT!
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    So you gained 69 brain cells? This is filled with irony
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    I can get to see my avatar for my pfp ty
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    You can use ClassiCube SkinSwatch or you can use most (if not all) Minecraft-compatible skins.
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    Soo how do u change ur skin?
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    I quite enjoy my head being decapitated for the sole purpose of display on a forums. Thank you, Andrew "PH".
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    now people know im not herobrine under the glasses crap but seriously i like this update
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    I really like this new feature, I always hated the whole close up pixel face thingy like this god that makes me cringe 😐 anyways good work Andrew I like this waaay better
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    You have casted a devils spawn apon us, Shun you we shall, Shun you!
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    here is a preview https://rb.gy/enaq3a releasing in the us on june 18th australia june 27th everywhere else august 12th available on crunchyroll and netflix not available on crunchyroll in the EU due to the gdpr
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    Oh okay thank you
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    never worked for me
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    Help everyone in America, and get them off the streets.
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    um why dont u ask him your self instead of bringing it on forums ?
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    yeah my fave game is Sonic 06
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    LMAO this game is opositive of holy
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    I want to make my own server, but it says that im doing something wrong on the register. Maybe its this box the that I'm doing something wrong in. What does it say anyways? Whats the name of the ______. I can't see the rest of what it is supposed to say.
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