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    but how do you know he even exsisted AND IF HE DOESNT WANT TO BAN HIMSELF WHY DOES IT SAY I WANT TO BAN MYSELF 😠
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    the irony of saying easter bunny isn’t woke due to referencing sex, when an undeniable component of being progressive is sexual liberation and destigmatization
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    easter bunny is sus!! #cancelled #sus
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    Its fake @Desaxu he is going into /cuboid a world i bet
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    Yea amogus app is very sus Wait what
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    Classicraft is completely unrelated to classicube. Get help from those developers.
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    no andrewph doesnt want to ban himself. My reasoning for this 1. AndrewPH doesnt exist we have already proven this back awhile ago 2. If AndrewPH does indeed try to ban himself then he exists which he doesnt. and finally 3. More proof AndrewPH doesnt exist here is the image of proof
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    Easter bunny is not woke!! #cancelled
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    So I made 132 posts on my main @Matthew132. New Goal: Make 13,217 posts on this account. Wish me luck.
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    can you go to this link and then say unbanned Salca here is the link (redacted) AND YOU HAVE TO register see you in ClassiCraft
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    90 years is too much and im 11 so you are a joking, dumb, insulting, liar of the forums
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    I need help with it. After I set my password, it says: Only 80+ can use /Pass Pls help.
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    i got banned when i made the post 😐
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    i dont have minecraft 😐
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    then why did you post here when you dont have anything to say abou the favroit version of minecraft >:(
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    So i see andrew wants to ban himslef is this true andrew so dissapointing welp
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    i know if i say pog i will be banned for 1 day again
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