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    Try using their website, not the ClassiCube forums.
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    I lowkey need friends so
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    thanks for you for all the support. ❤️
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    no problem, its the least i could do for a friend.
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    You guys need to add voice chat, that’s all I’m telling you for now. There is a reason why. Try to make your game really good. Ok I’m sorry I got to go
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    wait so hes banned for good???
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    Agreed, Why make a Vc when there is Discord. also Classicube team, I like what you did with the head, because no you get to see what the players whole head looks like a little. (By head, I mean the account photo, which is always the players skin.)
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    A) Discord and Skype IS A THING B) I dont want to hear bunch of 9 y olds
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    I was Trying to join a server but then this poped up @UnknownShadow200 @AndrewPH
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    geez everyones geeting banned-
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    can you make a google forum for unban appeal for my friend PLZ
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    oh and you mini modding and calling me a necro? how dare you
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    /mute (Player) 0 /freeze (Player) 0 This permanently mutes, or freezes them, I know that is for mute at least, freeze I think is the same though.
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    I think only Youtubers with a sensible enough audience can do this. If ClassiCube attracts too large of an audience, servers would be blocked up.
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    i think this is what ur tryna say Imagine if Konekokitten made a video on classicube, however it would ruin the game community because it would be filled with roblox players and some ogs/classic players will call it a minecraft creative ripoff
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    imagine if koneko kitten did a video on classi cube but it would ruin the game community because filled of roblox players and some ogs will call it a mc old ripoff but koneko gets an skin already made for the contribution but dont worry koneko is a nice person
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    It would be terrible short term but long term, after a few months, it would be very great because most of the bad actors would've gotten tired already.
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    the developor need a system where they can dectect hackers so no one can hack anything in classicube
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    [Update] Among Us in na2 server! This is just an update on the Among Us minigame in na2 that Matthew132, Iron_zic, NotDerek, and Rulja are making. To see the map for yourself, go to na2 and do /g iron_zic+ Update list: 1. Finished the skeld map 2. Working on code 3. Lobby finished 4. Spaceship lobby started 5. Code figured out for killing and sabotage (More to come soon!)
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    Thank You didnt know that. noted Thx for the info AndrewPH
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    I've made it so anybody that is a Glod Menbie or above (so Glods, Mods, and Admins) can choose to upload their own profile picture on the forums. As an example, I've made my pfp the extremely handsome Yoda from the hit game Yoda Stories, critically acclaimed for its music, gameplay, and graphics. Glod Menbie is an automatic rank based on how long you've had an account with ClassiCube, if you ask for the rank you'll get temporarily banned.
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    Andrew manages to get quite a lot of work done despite not being real!
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    Lol So Calm "It ain't Happening Cheif"
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    Double perma-ban. Doesn't get much more good than that. From the forums, of course. They can still play ClassiCube.
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    i asked same question my self and it will be REALY BAD. why you ask? 1) PPL will greaf 2) PPL will make hack clients 3) PPL will try to crash the servers 4) PPL when they acc get banned they will make a alt and greaf again (for NA2 staff that will be SUPER ANOING) 5) PPL will spam 6) PPL will make a LOT of lag ...... Mojang will shut down the CC SO THIS NEEDS TO BE HIDDEN
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    No, i don't think i will, thank you.
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    HERE IS MY YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4czy3kTuMa30IcBkxcwOA
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    wasn't my text enough english? duh i hate you the fact you gotta comment it like its in facebook go make fun of someone else text you gimfreak
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    @ mods did you kidnap my dog 😠 😠
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    ok ANDREW thanks but ion really care anymore lol i think im done with that server for a little, it full of a bunch of females anyway and no worries andrew i think ur retarded too my guy so feelings mutual 🙂 it should be a thing to forum it on ur website tho because the server is on ur website right? or did u not create cc 😐 ur mothers a slut brother man anyways fagg
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    bitch ass nigga im going off on your ass becuase u wanna ban me and shit cuz ¨i posted on the wrong forum¨ acting like a lil ass female cuz yu got urself a lil website with what 1k visits my boy, good shit but when u make a website make sure the servers on it arent full of bitches my boy go play gta or some shit, get a bitch on ya dick, get ya meat wet ya faggot, ya mother knows all about wetting meat up with her coochie, small lips though get that fixed my guy but her throat game is amazing ,oh yea kawaii cube fuck yo bitch ass lil ass treesh ya father doesnt love you and yo a hoe ass bitch my guy weird ass classicube players, im out this bitch big gs9 WOOOOOOOO
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    where can i right a report for someone in zs using there power/mod or something the wrong way
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