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    I suggest you dont bring bans to the fourms because it would most likely get you banned from fourms and not do any help into getting you unbanned. If you griefed I wouldnt put you back because of that for my rules on my own server.
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    Post pictures of it...
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    Maybe it'll fix itself if we pray
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    Hello Please go to not awsome and help me build because i suck at building lmao so please go their Bye!
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    Happy holidays from the ClassiCube Team! I hope everybody had a warm, safe Christmas. Share with the class- what did you get for Christmas that you were excited about? Don't celebrate Christmas? Tell us about your traditions.
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    Im not sure if you could kick everyone, however you can mute the enitre server (/moderate), shutdown the server (/shutdown [Shutdown time]). But otherwise Im pretty sure you have to manually kick everyone.
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    Destin was hiting on me but i hope 2021 is a good year
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    grief is definitely the best level in na2
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    covid had affected us all. as a US army soldier I was sent home, and now playing classicube has helped me pass the time. my great grandfather who served in WWII died of covid. he was my inspiration to go in the military anyways. (in memory of robert fender)
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    i just want you guys to know my sister and grandma and mom had covid so please watch out for covid be safe you guys?
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    two points to consider: this is not the place to ask about external services not being fast enough for you if patience is not your strong key, perhaps running a server isn't for you
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    This is normal. There are bots that go around connecting to everything they can, but nothing will come of it. https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/24936/weird-ip-addresses-showing-up-on-my-server
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    I think you need a plugin I would ask goodly if he know it.
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    i got nothing for christmas because my gift will be late :imwaitting: also maybe i'd go buy cc on steam when i get a job to make my own server
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    good thx for asking what did u get
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    MERRY Christmas every one how was your Christmas ???
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    all the severs have doors and glass pains how do i get that ?
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    Hello! i hope u guys are doing alright i just wanna make sure bc of covid i hope u guys are fine and have lots of fun on classic cube? <.> Btw Destin was not dating the girl he said hes a liar he told me?
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    You can host a server on a chromebook (and any other device with a web browser) by using web hosting, such as eddynetweb. It might be a little confusing to find the registar page. But you can register for a server here:https://eddyn.net/projects/games/ and access the server console here: https://games.eddyn.net. Note that verification email can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of months to deliver.
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    Ok. I got a image.
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    i made this texture pack ........ i do not know what to say now...... Random weird pak.zip
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    I believe that classicube was inspired by minecraft classic, and I noticed that minecraft classic had a part called 'survival test'. Now, I just wondered if we would get a survival test type of thing for classicube. In my opinion, I think we should have it, I would love to have a survival game.
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    i sent in a request for a server a week ago and my server is still not up plz help me
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    If you are having trouble finding a good skin to use, go to minecraftskins.net, and I know for a fact that that one works.
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    it wasn't deleted, his forum account was banned at his request.
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    mintzyonyt recently had his account deleted for unknown reasons at the moment but there will be a funeral for his account and server on his server. if you want to come you can and pay respects. his server is MINTSMP (Funeral for mintzyonyt account and probably the server.)
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    cool!! gif!! sorry making 1 word opinions get me a warning
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    Hi!? All of classic cube members I was at a server i dont know what its called but a person named Super_Noob said he hacks servers and he said i will hack Polices server next Please ban him if he does Thank You Bye?
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    I had covid. Not too bad actually, but you get hella sore.
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    there's no way to change your name and there's no concept of a "main" account. just use the account you want to use.
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    omg guys so im going onto na2 and my classicube gf broke up with me >.< I loved her blocky legs so much and her skin was so H O T omg FuriousFireGIRL pls take me back bb so you can pound me with your pixelated thighs >.<
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    how do u upload a model without the command /custommodel
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    Hello The_alt can u go to deadkillers server tommoro at 3:20 please i need ur help getting a texture pack thanks?
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    i was wondering is there some snow texture from dropbox i dont have any
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    i really want to be able to play multiplayer or survival but i dont know how
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    do it, minecraft_1589. I apologize for the grief that happened there.
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