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    what does this have to do with classicube?
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    andrew has the perfect solution. i doubt what mikel said considering on my short time there he used /say to make me look like i said dumb stuff
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    Agent 404 is really just a skin of the MoreModels models, not a texture pack
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    Im reading the NA2 rules right now and nowhere does it say its against the rules, to be inappropriate in the chat and it doesn't say it's against the rules to evade mute. I am not acting innocent, I am ok with being punished, I'm ok with being muted but 10 days for something not specified as a against the rules is unfair, I had no warnings except verbal ones by mainly non-staff members, The NA2 chat is too fast to read everything that is sent and not giving me a warning such as a 30 minute mute and It will get themessagee through, Oh I got muted i better listen to what they say. But when you verbally warn me in a fast moving chat about doing something that isn't a rule how am I going to know to stop.
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    Your Boy is about to be living forever.But just keep yo notifications on so you don't miss nothing.NO CAP!!!!
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    Everyone go to police_1234+ in Not Awesome 2 Police_1234 and Azrielle_2021 are having the wedding It going on right now! Hope you can come (btw Police_1234 told me to post this)
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