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    Grief their emotions Can't undo that 😔
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    Hey all, @UnknownShadow200 has been hard at work improving the game yet again, this time adding significantly improved touch controls to the mobile webclient version of the game. Check it out right now by tapping right here! Credit goes to @Goodly for making the radial pad texture Have fun y'all!
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  4. 2 points
    wow ill have to get my phone out to try
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    no cannot but not awesome survival has been banned???? back!!!!!!!!
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    It can go down whenever it wants to, you aren't its mother.
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    It was admitted outside of the forums.
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    I am not an expert, but I think maybe you should get your anus checked.
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    A big thank you to the ClassiCube team for working hard on the game.
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    don't ever is no real problem it can't see
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    Stuff like this makes me want to pour every single cleaning product I can find in my house down my throat, and hopefully have a long and painful death.
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    Get a life. It has more meaning than ruining random people's day on a dead block game.
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    Hi, I am on my alt. And by the way, please do not ban me. I just want to say sorry for posting this non sense. I apologize, and I would love to appeal the ban on my main. Please consider about my ban, thanks. Also my anus is doing completely fine.
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