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    Update: NAS back down, im assuming for bug fixes.
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    Seeing (I hope I don't get banned for this) in your block game post makes me cringe almost as much as seeing "2020 anyone????" comments in a Michael Jackson song. Also, the fact that you have to hope you won't get banned most likely means you will get banned, either with that post or in the near future. In fact, wasn't this written in the guidelines?
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    Be racist and find out what happens
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    10/10 - MegaPVP beautiful - Matthew132 Minecraft - Skeppy23
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    Stuff like this makes me want to pour every single cleaning product I can find in my house down my throat, and hopefully have a long and painful death.
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    It can go down whenever it wants to, you aren't its mother.
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    Big woop (I hope I dont get banned for this)
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    no cannot but not awesome survival has been banned???? back!!!!!!!!
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