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    More improvements to the system are slated, my time is just limited.
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    Almost every single server on this game is not family friendly one way or another. I'd just stick to singleplayer or a small private server with friends.
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    I've seen matthews pp, I can Confirm it is the exact same size.
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    Ok i HATE servers where you are allowed to cuss! in i wish there was a popular kid-friendly server, there is not a single server that pepole are not allowed to swear in that i know of that has pepole playing it, I NEED A SERVER THATS NOT MATURE AND PEPOLE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SWEAR IN, and that you can play using online client, there are children playing this game that are under 17, so is there a popular server where you arent allowed to swear in? Or maybe, you can MAKE ONE! So if you make a server that you ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SWEAR IN, i would most likley want any of you make it a freebuild server, where you can build anything you want! :) or make it however you want it! Or you can tell me any popular servers that pepole are not allowed to swear in?
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