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    NEW TEXTURE PACK!!!! I'v recently made a Texture Pack that enhances the Default Texture pack to 32x (well i could only work with 32x not 64x), and ive made my best to make every faithful texture accurate to the Default CC Textures/Classic textures including the Crate, Brick and Magma block. Let me get this out of the way, i'm not trying to make people replace their default texture pack with this, i was just wanting to make this texture pack for fun since nobody had gone ahead and made history nor made inaccurate crate and other textures on attempted faithful packs and even one i saw was heavily horrendous 64x pack with unneeded textures and really bad and said inaccurate textures. (not wanting to stir up drama its just my opinion). Examples of the many textures: Update 1 & 2 (didn't realize i could edit posts again lol): Changed the fonts abit so its more like the official 32x Faithful's font Added new files which are Alternates to the terrain.png and char.png so you can switch textures over so you can now have the blocks being more closer to the Classic 0.0.23a_01 (or Classic.Minecraft.net) textures (and also a bearded Steve now too) Examples of the alternate textures: (Note: The Iron block texture here is fan-made, the iron never existed until 0.26 Survival test when gold textures were changed to be more detailed and the iron block was added in and used greyscale copy-and-pasted gold textures, And also the wool is different from the current wool in the cc client) Update 3: Updated the sides of the Crate texture so its more accurate to the default crate Update 4: Added a New Version of the Faithful 32x pack called; "The Mo' Blocks Version" or "Server Friendly" version for classicube servers to add more unique blocks for players to play around and build with for free-build/map-build servers! (Download link below!!!! No need to ask for permission to use and Can Modify by adding more blocks without permission too! (Don't upload modified copies of this online without credit though). Examples of the many textures: Update 4.1: (Copy and pasted from latest fourm post) Added afew blocks/animations like the Portal frame and ruby block and ore (along with a placeholder diamond block texture i should get rid of) and slightly touched up the 2.0 Coal Block so its more accurate to the Minecraft 2.0 coal block texture, as well as adding the nether quartz ore in and the faithful version of the placeholder fire texture found in the default texture pack to go along with animation-less water and lava, enjoy! Update 4.2: (Copy and pasted) Updated the Wool textures once or maybe twice so the wool textures are more accurate to the default pack, filled in the missing spot for the fire placeholder texture and made the sapling colour pallete more accurate to the default pack. And for the Mo' Blocks exclusive change note is a note for server owners that they are Officially allowed to modify the pack and personalise it for their own servers like swapping textures or adding more blocks to add the more fun to building for map builders and more, I'm actually tired now so this might be the "last" update to this for now since im gonna take a break, - Z Download: Normal Version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tmx7ydfxlr9b1g2/Zoey'sFaithful32x.zip?dl=0 Mo' Blocks Version/"Server Friendly" Version (Recommended for servers): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjkrk3ennhtjkb7/ZF32xS-FVer.zip?dl=0 Notes: You're allowed to use this texture pack for Servers, Maps for minigames, and Making 32x texture packs with these as long as you credit me, also you don't have to ask me btw don't forget ❤️ - Z ❤️
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    Matthew's solution isn't quite complete because you can't erase solid (like blue wool) portals that way. You can use the /delete command to erase any blocks that normally regenerate when you break them, like doors, portals, and message blocks. Also, any build command will overwrite them as well, such as /z air (my preferred option since /delete is a toggle and can be left on accidentally)
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    pretty weirdchamp for to seek to make drama in a fourm post about a 32x texture pack
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    I am glad to say that Iron_zic, NotDerek, Matthew132 (me), and more are working on making a full playable Among Us game in na2! We are only in the map building stages right now but updates will be posted! (In that final post where we are finished, I will add the credits for the making of this map)
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    I've been playing it for months and nothing has happened I know the owner of the project and I know for sure that she wouldn't do something like that. I hope she comes back online soon and makes it open source to prove y'all wrong
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