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    NA2 is not a strict server. Naturally, the more you break rules and spam and be a nuisance, the more harsh mod action will be over time. For reference, THIS is your notes: You've been muted multiple times by five different members of the staff team. Presenting your story as getting muted only for saying "kjdashajhf" is extremely dishonest. On a side note, I agree that NA2 is not particularly calm. A lot of kids have started playing recently who get very hyper in chat.
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    Honestly people should just follow the rules and there would be no problems
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    best deviant art masterpiece i've ever read
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    no i'm mad that you failed to stop xenon from being a dick to me in the first place. also i'm just expressing my opinion. the fact that you reacted dumb on my post proves that you are butthurt
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    So uh, This is the closest thing i can get to off-topic. I got banned from the land of birds, i didn't really do much. I never got a FU- i mean freaking kick beforehand. So, Uni, if you're reading this, Screw you.
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