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    I'm new at this. More builds coming soon! Ima be honest, this is really not the best build I can probably make.
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    bru a banned user commented lol what did he do
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    thanks you thought I was gonna give myself a better rating? Or that I should've given myself a worse rating? working on a background. Should come out in a few weeks!
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    thats why lava survival is so fun
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    looks great buddy :)
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    wait, LG125 gave himself a "very nice"? cmon man
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    yes as you rank up you can use more build commands like /cuboid and /wall
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    working on the background, might make the image look better.
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    In my opinion it is dislikable, so I gave it a "Pretty bad" rating.
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    if you were wondering, this is the texture pack used in fab's server https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/110-classicube_compatible_texture_packs/ please dont ban me for spam lg125 wants the texture pack
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    Yeah, I really need to work on the background...
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    There are a collection of plugins for client-side (can't be used on webclient) here. There's also a few more client-side plugins with their own repositories: CEF and More Models. You can find a list of plugins for MCGalaxy here. CEF allows you to view web browser pages in-game, primarily to allow watching videos together. It only works in multiplayer if you are playing on an MCGalaxy server. More Models adds a bunch of new models to the game, for use with /model (MCGalaxy command).
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